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Sustainable Tourism

Tourism on the islands will mean increased revenue for the residents, and rural development. But increased activity in community and nature can strain more than is desirable. Therefore great importance is attached to organizing activities which are sustainable. We want the visitors to experience the pure and authentic nature, good local food and happy people. This can only be achieved through a green attitude.


The Authentic Outlying Islands

The small islands are in many ways quite special, they have managed to preserve what other areas have lost - an unspoiled environment where traces of 1000 years of history are visible in the environment. Here you can hear the peace and nature, and experience people living in harmony with their surroundings and the challenges isolated life on the islands brings. This makes the islands worth visiting.


Service and Activities

On the small islands you can expect good experiences but also get food and accommodation. All services are not yet fully developed, but soon there will be more service providers. Under "Service" on this website, you can see what is offered and what you can expect. All services and activities will be frequently updated, and information about all local activities will be available here. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us. Welcome on this site, it is here to serve you.