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Rannvá in Skúvoy - History and Legends

In Fagradal (the beautiful valley) there is the thwart of a house by the name Rannvá’s thwarts. It was this thwarts and the story of Rannvá that gave Dagmar Joensen-Næs the idea to write the novel Rannvá. But it has undoubtedly been the incredibly beautiful valley that has given her inspiration. A natural pearl, that gives all who visit the site a memory for life.

In 1971 the novel Rannvá was published. It was Dagmar Joensen-Næs (1895-1983), who wrote the novel in the 40s. Dagmar built the story on a narrative from Skúvoy, about a young girl who got in trouble after a trip to Torshavn, where the Commander got an eye for her. The result of the meeting between the two was that Rannvá gave birth to a child. At this time there was death penalty for getting pregnant outside marriage. Rannvá was brought to court in Torshavn, where even the commander was present. She would not tell, who was the father of her child, although she was asked several times. The trial ended without a death sentence, but instead with a verdict that isolated her for life in a house in Fagradal on Skúvoy. Here she had to live the rest of her life without contact with the outside world. The story is touching and interesting, both in terms of the human aspect but also the historical.

 rannva_stor.jpgThe picture shows Fagradal in Skúvoy: a name that says how beautiful this landscape is. And this place is worth visiting. (Picture: Bárður F. Mikladal)

Picture: Bárður F. Mikladal

A movie is made about the history Rannvá

DIR Miguel M. Hidalgo. PROD Miguel M. Hidalg. CAST Finnur Johansen, Elin K. Mouritsen, Gudrid H. Nielsen, Jørleif Kúrberg, Róland Samuelsen, Mortan A. Carlsen, Anna Maria Petersen, Hans Joensen, Fraser Eysturoy (se webpage for cast members,