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The Floating Island of Fugloy

A floating island is a mass of floating aquatic plants, mud, and peat ranging in thickness from a few inches to several feet. Floating islands are a common natural phenomenon found in many parts of the world. They exist less commonly as a man-made phenomenon. Floating islands are generally found in marshlands, lakes, and similar wetland locations, and can be many acres in size.

The legend about Fugloy as a floating island
It was said that Fugloy was once a floating island with trolls living on it. Men had tried several times to approach the island, but every time they tried, the trolls threw stones and curses at the men in the boats. After a long time the men grew tired of trying and were close to leaving the trolls with the island. But one of the men, a priest, wanted to try one more time, before giving up. The men got in the boats again and rowed once more to Fugloy. In the first boat to approach the island were the priest and some other men. When the trolls saw what was happening, they started to collect stones, and began throwing them at the men. All the men in the first boat were scared and wanted to sail home again at once, with the big stones flying through the air! They were about to turn round and sail home, when the priest got so angry and was in such great despair that he threw the bible that he had brought with him on the trip at the trolls. The bible landed right in front of the trolls, the ground started shaking, the island stopped floating, and in a split second all the trolls were transformed into little grassy tufts, and now the men could at last settle in Fugloy. The little grassy tufts are still located around the island, and particularly close to the hamlet Kirkja.